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"Opera House History"
Opera houses in the United States have a long history dating back to the pre-Revolutionary War era. The Playhouse in Williamsburg, Virginia, is commonly believed to be the first "opera house" in America. Although date of construction is unknown, most scholars of opera and theater history assign a date of 1722. Other early opera houses from the mid 1700s were located in cities such as New York, Charleston, Philadelphia, and Annapolis. Performers were typically English and traveled with their families in touring companies. 
"July 2015 - Newsletter"
We thank everyone who responded to our new website for their kind words of encouragement. We invite everyone to visit the site and if anyone wishes to receive their newsletter via email, please use the contact tab located on the home page to inform us. A reminder - if there is a change of home address or email address, please forward this information so we can continue to keep in touch with the membership.
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